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Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals the brain releases during activities like eating and exercise (think, post run, runners high). It's that pick-me-up and energy rush that keeps me moving and excited to start my days on a positive note. 
Knowing that the energy we choose to bring into a space is felt by and impacts all around us. 
Good Endorphins inspires being present, in the moment, and absorbing the world around us. Picking our heads up from our phones. Noticing the nuances and details of our daily excursions. It's acknowledging the beauty in everyday life and creating a positive frame of mind with which we shape our actions and reactions. 
It's about taking care of ourselves so we can take care, uplift, support, and help others in our community. Cultivating balance between mind, body, and spirit, and learning about ourselves along the way. 
By: Jordyn Albritton